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House 33 is a creative and cultural refuge and organic, environmental art gallery promoting the incredible vision of artists across Nigeria, Africa, and the world. Founded by internationally acclaimed Beasts of No Nation author Dr Uzodinma Iweala and globally recognized environmental artist/curator Ifesinachi Nwanyanwu in 2013, House 33’s unique residential setting brings the whirlwind energy of Nigeria’s most innovative imaginations to bear at home. Promoting environmental sustainability and transformative approaches to waste, redefining the relationships of Earth and human society, and manifesting interpretations on and blueprints for a dynamic yet roots grounded future in Nigeria and Africa, the gallery serves as a cultural node in Abuja. We have artists’ residences, promote cultural dialogues and meetings of the spoken word, poetic, musical, literary, fashion, architecture, engineering, and international communities. We welcome retreats and all groups seeking the inspiration of the space to foster exchange and deep critical thought or simple relaxation and fellowship. House 33 is also one of two Maker Libraries in Nigeria in the British Council Network, the other being in Lagos. Headquarters to the OKE Love, Peace, and Light Foundation and Environmental Art Collective Foundation, with regular visits from burgeoning artists as well, school-age children, and students, House 33 is heavily invested in sparking future creative Nigerian generations.

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  1. Very powerful and remarkable feats. I love the strides.They are evolving. Thanks for making Abuja ciry a hub for art lover destination.

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