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The Thought Pyramid Art Centre was established in 2007, with branches in two major cities of Nigeria- Abuja and Lagos and has been in the business of art promotion, with the strong belief that the ultimate purpose of art is to tell our local stories within global realities. The Gallery’s aim is
⦁ To enrich the art experiences of art enthusiast, patrons and collectors through the management, marketing, education, presentation and exhibition of artworks that meet the needs of our visitors. By so doing we hope to advance creativity, artistic excellence and innovation for the benefit of humanity and our immediate environment.
⦁ To curate and professionally present artworks of edifying and emotive delights that capture the essences of our societal values, while providing our stakeholders unique experience, and the special satisfaction of good durable investment culture.
⦁ To offer an art space with an ambience of friendliness, warmth, corporate and individual pride, where people can come and experience creativity. We invite you to a part of our journey to provide the best quality of service to all artists, art lovers and the general public.


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